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Welcome to The Nautilus, a community founded by a husband and wife who stood one day with the ocean at their feet and decided to throw the proverbial caution to the wind, forsake their humdrum office jobs, and pursue a life protecting and preserving the world that they love. That day, we decided to pursue our second bachelor's degrees in biology, take up SCUBA diving, and put our myriad of strange talents to use studying and protecting the planet's diverse resources and inspiring and educating others to take steps--however small--to do the same.

This community will follow us through our journey to study and understand the special world in which we live. It began as an online home for our SCUBA-diving journals but quickly flourished and grew to include our photography and accounts of our studies and adventures, both above and below the water.

We welcome you to join us in our adventures. While posting access is limited to the community's founders, membership is open to all, and we encourage others interested in protecting and enjoying the Earth's natural environments to join our community. Please feel free to add comments to posts, strike up conversations, share advice and experiences, and make new friends.

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Dawn (dawn_felagund) has loved and honored nature since childhood, when she wanted to be an entomologist and study ants in the Amazon. Since then, she has devoted her life to making personal choices that will impact the environment the least and gently encouraging others to do the same through education and awareness. Dawn holds her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a minor in writing and certificates in human services psychology and biopsychology and currently works as a research analyst for the Maryland Division of Parole and Probation. In her spare time, Dawn enjoys writing, painting, hiking, web design, hiking, and freestyle rollerskating.
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We either support monetarily or donate our time to the following organizations.

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Bobby (greenknight33) has always had a deep love and respect for the ocean and believes that in a past life he might have been a fish. Bobby holds his bachelor's degree from Towson University in political science with a focus on Constitutional law and international political theory and a minor in international relations. Bobby currently works for United States Customs and Border Protection. When he's above water, Bobby enjoys ice hockey, football, hiking, and music.

Bobby and Dawn met at the tender age of fourteen at the Parkville High School and Center for Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science, where they were both studying biology. By the end of their freshman year, they were dating and were married in November of 2004 after dating for eight years. They currently live in Ellicott City, Maryland and are preparing to start their studies at Towson University, seeking their second bachelor's degrees in biology with a focus on organismal biology and ecology, after which they hope to pursue work in conservation and ecological research.

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We are both amateur nature photographers, both above the water and beneath. We have received requests in the past for copies and usage of our pictures and are generally happy to honor such requests. However, we ask that anyone interested in our photographs for personal use ask first as--depending on the usage that you have in mind--we might have specific requests as to crediting our work and linking. In instances where we feel that your usage will serve to increase awareness of or educate the public about environmental issues, we will probably ask for no credit at all. But please ask first and let us determine that. We are both very friendly and approachable people, but stealing our words and our work will invoke our wrath.

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We both believe strongly that taking small actions can make a big difference. At the same time, we understand that not everyone can afford the time or resources that it takes to commit fully to an Earth-friendly lifestyle. We have found the resources below invaluable to helping us take small steps toward making a difference without undue cost or inconvenience. We encourage you to browse them at your leisure and consider implementing just a few Earth-friendly changes in your lifestyle, whether recycling more or being conscientious to eat only "safe" seafoods.

Seafood Watch. These downloadable guides are pocket-sized and perfect for tucking away in a purse or wallet. They list which seafoods are best to avoid for reasons of overfishing and habitat destruction but also give "safe" alternatives, making choosing an environmentally sound meal something we all can do!

New Dream "Turn the Tide" Program. New dream offers simple steps that anyone and everyone can take in their daily lives. These low-impact suggestions will help to get big results!

Socially Responsible Investing. Support companies that support your ideals! Investing responsibly not only promotes green-friendly companies but sends a message to those that are not environmentally friendly that their behavior will have an effect on their investments and profits.

Take Action against Global Warming. Many small steps can overcome even seemingly insurmountable problems. If you are concerned about global warming but don't know where to start taking action in your own life, take the first step by checking out this website.

Tips for Preserving Coral Reefs. From consumer choices to practicing eco-friendly tourism, Reef Relief offers a comprehensive look at ways that daily actions can save one of the Earth's biggest and most important--and most endangered--ecosystems.

Eco-friendly Dive Operators. Whether a seasoned diver or considering a SCUBA or snorkeling excursion on your next vacation, check out this list of dive operators that utilize and promote environmentally friendly enjoyment of coral reefs.

Electric Drive Transportation Association. Considering a new car? Consider a hybird! Recent gas prices have further confirmed that hybrid vehicles are healthier for our planet, for us, and for our wallets.

Alliance to Save Energy. From a single lightbulb all the way up to the largest industry, we can all take steps to lessen our energy consumption. Check out this site for information and tips on where to begin.

On the navigation bar to your right, we have listed the organizations that we support either monetarily or through volunteering our time.

If you are passionate about protecting the planet, please check them out and consider joining us in supporting positive action taken for a healthy environment or peruse their sites and increase your own education and awareness.

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We are friendly and approachable people, so if you need to contact us, please email Dawn at DawnFelagund@comcast.net or leave a comment in our community.