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The Nautilus

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Yesterday when I arrived home from a rather drab day at work (so what else is new), I checked my email before I came home and discovered the message I had either been looking forward to, or dreading, all day long. It was from the volunteer manager at the National Aquarium In Baltimore, and it was in regards to the aquarist assistant position that Dawn and I interviewed for on Saturday.

Although the interview went extremely well, I didn’t want to jinx our chances so I didn’t really think about it all weekend. But here it was, the answer to whether or not we got the job.

A bit of explaining might be in order here to flesh out exactly why I was so nervous about opening the email. The aquarist assistant position enables one to work behind the scenes at the National Aquarium, helping the full-time aquarists care for the animals and their environments. Given that Dawn and I have decided to refocus out career goals on marine science, the uniqueness and importance for such an opportunity is quite clear, especially given our motivations to seek post-graduate degrees in biology (not putting the cart before the horse, just a bit of per-planning).

Other opportunities were available for us to get our feet in the door, so to speak, but I think that we both wanted the aquarist assistant position because it is most applicable to our pursuits.

With all of these thoughts in mind, I opened the email, and…I got the position!!!!

Now, one part was done, but what about Dawn? This whole thing wouldn’t work if she didn’t get it as well. As soon as she came home I pounced on her and told her to check her email. She did and she also got the position!

We will start our training in a few weeks, and it is awesome because at least once every two weeks, we get to go hang out with the rays and sharks!
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